Medical department

  1. Health tourism

MOS is one of the first health tourism facilitator in Egypt and Africa and member of medical tourism association since 2015 providing many solutions for clients who seek medical attention outside his own country

Since its establishment in 2008 Medica Overseas treated more than 800 cases in different medical specialties from Nigeria and Sudan through both governmental agreements and individual patients who use our services (agreement with Zamfara state and Kano state Federal republic of Nigeria) 

Medica Overseas is providing its clients with wide range of services in the sector of health tourism as we provide our patients with many programs and payment systems that help our patients to choose what is suitable for them like

One of the most innovative solutions who give the patient one unchanged package that cover all his treatment process including complications

This solution is suitable for the patients who want to know exactly what he should carry with him before leaving

This program give the patient one solid package including

This solution is also very helpful for the patient as he will be able to predict how much he should carries with him for his treatment trip as the package that will be given to him will cover all his needs during treatment trip except complications or extended stay which might happen during treatment process

This solution will cover

This solution is the most ordinary solution where the patient will decide which service he is in need for, and we provide him with the price of each service alone including all services that he might be in need for during his presence for treatment all what he is need is just contact our call center to get what he is in need for and its price

MOS focus on patient needs and personalize the services that close the cultural gap and help the patient and his accompanying feel at home during treatment and become enjoyed during the recovery period

MOS scope of services include processing of the travel from the home country, transportation, accommodation, feeding and medical treatment medically and surgically which is done either through our company infrastructure or through outsourcing with reputable organization

MOS also  provide our clients with unique service through home care service program which is one of the programs of Medica overseas that help to reduce the hospital stay and make the treatment enjoyable at home