Healthcare Management

MOS has two departments 'Health Tourism' as 1st registered facilitator and member of MTA and 'Hospital Management' department

Medical Education

MOS is responsible for medical education process and logistics related to the contract awarded from Kano state government to our sister company Delta Med professionals for education of 50 nursing tutors and 135 nurses in Mansoura university

Events Management

MOS is working in medical event management since 2008 with over 200 medical conferences and training courses both on the national and international level

Total Automation Solutions

total automation solutions (in house technological department) tailor its packages upon the need of the customer in both activities ( mobile application development and smart house solutions)

Client expectation is our starting point


All About Integrity

Quality is job Number 1

Strict attention to tiny and big details in the process to make the client more than satisfied

Commitment to excellence

Continuous upgrade, improvement, innovation of new services and using most recent technologies moving toward excellence

Value for money

Enjoy more than what you spent; you are elite all the time

Team of professionals

Well trained team of professionals to serve you according to best world standards

Choice of pioneers

Long standing history with top families from all over African countries with pleasant experience

Accurate choice and best directions

MOS choose best options for their clients and direct them to best options

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Eng. Nermin Fayek

Eng. Nermin Fayek

Vice President
Mariam Thamer

Mariam Thamer

Media service professional
Abd El-Rhman Thamer

Abd El-Rhman Thamer

Marketing executive
R.N Mujahid Taj Eldin Jambo

R.N Mujahid Taj Eldin Jambo

Kano office manager
Ghada Rabea

Ghada Rabea

Mansoura office manager
Mohammed A. Yassin

Mohammed A. Yassin

T.A.S Specialist

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