About MOS

Medica Overseas is an Egyptian health care management company established in 2008 in Mansoura Egypt (Medical capital of Egypt) aiming in providing new innovative solutions in healthcare management and medical education using new techniques and advanced technologies to attract customers and clients from the African and Arab countries to get treatment in Egypt and students to study in Egypt

In 2009 MOS establish its second office in Cairo then in 2015 the third office in Kano Nigeria expanding the scope of services through these three offices to cover Egypt, Nigeria and Sudan and aiming to also extend its activities to other countries very soon

As a part of MOS expansion plan it start to expand its activities and programs to include technological solutions and mobile applications aiming to advance its services and be a leader in medical electronic commerce and services, also we enhance our hospital management activities through new programs of telemedicine and overseas diagnosis and home care services that is used for the first time in our region

Client expectation is our starting point

To be sky top healthcare management and medical education body in Middle east and Africa Region by 2030 IN SHAA ALLAH

First of its kind tailored technological management solutions in healthcare sector, innovative management techniques with strict focus on quality applications, training  and cost saving

Customer centered



Continuous upgrade


MOS Motto

Client expectation is our starting point