Medica services

  • Hospitals

MOS perform all its operations and treat all their international patients in a group of highly standard hospitals including Military hospitals, Mansoura university hospitals, Delta hospital, Al Sallab hospital and other private and governmental hospitals both in Mansoura and Cairo  

  • Clinics

MOS have agreements with most of the first-class medical consultants and university professors in different medical specialities and subspecialities who are highly skilful and perform top surgeries with highest success rates

  • Laboratories

MOS have agreements with all branded laboratories in Egypt through which they provide their clients with all the range of medical tests in the process of treatment  

  • Radiology centres

MOS has many agreements with different top radiological centres that perform different radiological investigations including MRI , CT scan , in addition to ordinary radiological tests

  • Physiotherapy centres

MOS contracted with most powerful and highly equipped physiotherapy centres that can help the patients during the rehabilitation period either in the centres or even in the residence of the client  

  • Accommodation

MOS have a well-established infrastructure of hotels and facilities that include different levels of accommodation starting from well-equipped guest houses up to 5-star luxurious hotels  

  • Transportation

MOS has well-arranged infrastructure of limousine cars, 7 seats, 14saets tourist cars that is usually used for the patients during their stay in Egypt for comfortable movement  

  • Laundry and home cleaning

MOS has well-trained staff and personnel that provide all laundry and home cleaning services

  • Restaurants and food

MOS has many sources for different categories of restaurants and food staff including African food, Italian food, intercontinental food, international food and many more that suites different categories of clients

  • Tourist tours

As MOS is present in Egypt which is highly rich in tourist and enjoyable destination worldwide which enable the clients to have joyful time after finishing the treatment process including shopping, entertainment , cultural sight seeing and even more where Medica overseas arrange with English and French speaking guides and help in prepare any needed tourist tour

  • Medical home care

Home care is established in January 2016 and is built on innovative idea of providing all the possible medical services at home like consultation, injections, physiotherapy, laboratory and even some radiology procedures in the house and is adding value to the customer through helping them to continue their treatment programs comfortably in their houses which  help them to continue the course of treatment after surgery in a comfortable and pleasant way