Medical tourism in Egypt

If you are planning on going overseas as a medical tourist, it is a good idea to choose your best medical relaxation destination. Egypt is one of the countries that are strongly present on the tourist map, due to the diversity of the tourism resources in it. The unparalleled patterns of tourism are available, such as cultural tourism, entertainment, adventure tourism, heritage, and historical tourism. In addition to these classical themes, medical tourism is also well organized in Egypt as it has all the strength parameters that help in medical tourism advancement including

High-quality well-equipped hospitals of all categories which enable visitors to have the treatment at world class structured hospitals

Well trained highly professional consultants and doctors that are usually educated in western countries to get their post graduate degree which make them catch up with best and most recent techniques

Affordable prices that might reach to 50% less what is present in western countries and about 20% less than India with the same or even higher quality

Closer culture to African and Arab countries sharing the same food and cultural habits  that make the patient feel at home

Affordable accommodation with different categories from guest houses up to 5-star luxury hotels of international brands

In addition to that Egyptian central geographic location makes it closer to everywhere with easy accessibility from different countries