TAS department

  • Technological solutions

MOS a has a special department that operates in development and operate technological solutions for medical organizations

This department includes

  • Mobile applications and software solutions that help in proper operation of the medical organizations

Some of the products of the TAS department include

  • health ( health@fingertips)

First of its kind mobile applications that is designed to help health tourism customers to have easy and sustainable access to health tourism services

  • boutique(non-medical app)

One stop shops for all ladies and girls requirements including all categories from makeup – hear care- skin care- accessories -jewellery – and else


  • RIMPulse solution

Medica overseas is the sole and exclusive agent for pulse for integrated solutions which have an innovative game changer in the field of technological healthcare and treatment and follow up through telemedicine (RIMPulse solution)

This solution include

  • Portable ECG machine that could be connected to the internet and other devices through Bluetooth – WIFI – or even through cables
  • 4 kinds of cables that include (5 lead or 12 lead ECG with or without temperature sensor)
  • Watch that is integrable with the machine and measure O2 saturation and give complete chart for O2 in the body
  • Mobile application for the patient – Doctor – Nurse – applicator
  • Desk top application and tab application in case of need for central use


This system is first of its kind that you can use it to monitor patients in their home and provide intermediate care to these patients which is of high cost and need just follow up

This system also used to reduce paper usage and reduce the cost of traditional ECG Machine and record all the data which is the most valuable in that conditions

This system help to direct the ambulances to go for the specific hospital which save patient life and cost of transportation

This system is a high-tech solution that is highly profitable for any organization using it and our expectation to have a huge growth in that sector of business